4 Best Dog Food For Rhodesian Ridgebacks – Top Rated

Rhodesian Ridgebacks can be proud, dignified, and smart. They are loyal to their families and love learning new things. They require a lot of protein because of their muscular build. The Best Dog Food For Rhodesian Ridgebacks contains real meat and complex carbohydrate as an additional source of protein.

It is important to find the best food for your Rhodesian friend. This will ensure that they can continue to show their love for you for many years.

History: Proud Hunters With Big Hearts

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a proudly South African dog that was born to be a master of all trades. The Boers, colonial Dutch farmers, were looking for a dog that could hunt and guard their land while also being affectionate to their large families. These settlers created their ideal dog by breeding European breeds with the Khoikhoi native dog breed.

The Khoikhoi dog is renowned for its adaptability to extreme temperatures and unique ridge, which Rhodesian Ridgebacks have been known for. Bulldogs, Terriers, and Great Danes as well as European Greyhounds were all bred to the breed for their hunting prowess, physicality, and temperament.

In their original form, Rhodesian Ridgebacks were called African Lion Hounds because of their ability to track down and trap large games on the African plains. They were trained to locate and capture their prey, without attacking them, so the hunter could set their sights and get the shot. These intelligent, driven dogs became increasingly popular as big game hunting became more popular in the area.

In the early 1900s, the Rhodesian Ridgeback was brought to America for the first time. In the 1930s, Errol Flynn, a well-known actor, was the first to breed these dogs. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1955. Today, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are loved by families all over America and around the globe. They bring energy, love, affection, joy, and love to their lives.

Physical Appearance: Style and Strength

Rhodesian Ridgebacks can be strong, muscular dogs. They have a powerful muzzle and long muzzle. Their flat, wide skull holds bright, intelligent eyes that are round and bright. They also have high ears and a high head.

This is the Great Dane lineage that gave rise to these large puppies. On average, males are 85 pounds and 25 to 27 inches tall. The difference is only slight between males and females. They average 70 pounds and measure 24 to 26 inches in height.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback coats don’t require much maintenance because they are very short and slim. They are available in the entire wheaten spectrum, from light to reddish gold, and have black noses, or, less often, brown. Their distinctive feature is the tapering ridge of hair running counter to the rest of their hair from their shoulders to their hips. At each end of the Ridge, two crowns of hair in a circular arrangement grow opposite one another.

Some Rhodesian Ridgebacks may have one crown, while others may have three or more. A Rhodesian Ridgeback with more than one crown, or a lack thereof, is considered a fault on the show circuit. These Rhodesian Ridgebacks won’t be bred to reduce the aesthetic defect in the future.

Demeanor: Loyal, Loving

Rhodesian Ridgebacks can be very intelligent and have lots of energy. Regular exercise is essential for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Bored Rhodesian Ridgebacks will soon get into trouble if they don’t find something to do. They might try to look under your couch cushions to see what is there or taste the flavors on your dining room table.

They can be confident and willful. From an early age, they require consistent, firm, and positive training. It is important to build a strong relationship with your Rhodesian Ridgeback as they won’t take any training from anyone they don’t trust.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback is incredibly affectionate and will love their family. It is crucial to socialize your Rhodesian Ridgeback early on because they were designed to be guard dogs.

They are also very protective of their pack. Although Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not aggressive towards strangers, they can be reserved around people they don’t know. Their high prey drive means every cat in the neighborhood is fair game for tracking or hunting.

Keep your Rhodesian Ridgeback leashed and practice your training. The reward for all your hard work will be well worth it when they join you on the couch for some evening snuggles and kisses to let you know how much you love them.

Nutritious Requirements

dog, ridgeback, rhodesian
Photo by boumapetrovice on Pixabay

Rhodesian Ridgebacks, large dogs that have lots of muscle, require a lot of protein to keep them healthy. They are susceptible to obesity so it is important to feed Rhodesian Ridgebacks dogs with lower fat.

Do not give your Rhodesian Ridgeback a diet that isn’t high quality. Don’t let their big eyes fool you into giving them food scraps. Dog food not designed for Rhodesian Ridgebacks may cause digestive problems and weight gain.

For a healthy heart, the best Rhodesian Ridgeback dog food contains ingredients rich in joint-supporting nutrients such as chondroitin and glucosamine. Protein should be high and fat should be minimal.

You should ensure that the dog food contains whole grains such as brown rice. Whole grains such as brown rice are less processed, and they also have more fiber and protein. To ensure your pet’s health and happiness, choose food that includes fruits and vegetables.


An adult Rhodesian Ridgeback needs between 1,600 and 2,000 calories per day, depending on their activity level. You should feed your dog two meals per night and pay attention to how much fat you put in the dog food. Every dog is different so make sure you keep an eye on their weight and adjust the amount of food they eat.


Senior Rhodesian Ridgebacks are slower than adults in metabolism, so you will need to reduce the number of calories your dog consumes daily to 1,400 calories per day and limit their intake to only two meals per day.

How much should I feed my Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy?

As they grow, Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies require high-protein, high-calorie food. The best dog food for puppies should be specially made and contain at least 8% fat and 22% proteins. This diet should be used until your dog turns 16 weeks old.

Your new best friend could be at risk from future health issues if they eat a high-calorie diet in the middle or final stages of their growth. Your dog’s health problems can be exacerbated by excessive bone and joint growth. This can lead to costly and painful treatment. To ensure your dog’s health and longevity, you should always consult your veterinarian.

Raw Food Diet Benefits

A raw food diet can be very beneficial for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The diet includes raw meat, muscle, organs, and uncooked bones. Although it might seem difficult at first, a raw diet can be very easy to keep. You can easily make the best dog food at home by finding a good local butcher.

A simple recipe for homemade dog food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks consists of one-third muscle meat, one-third organ meat, and one-third uncooked bones with fresh fruits and vegetables. This pet food is rich in nutrition and will provide your Rhodesian Ridgeback with all the nutrients he needs. It also reduces the chance of food allergies as there are no preservatives or other additives.

Raw dog food should contain at least 2% meat, have a variety of organs, bones, and fruits, and be suitable for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The meat provides all the protein your Rhodesian Ridgeback needs. The organs provide vitamins and minerals, while the uncooked bones provide calcium for Rhodesian bone health. Additionally, vegetables and fruits are rich in essential nutrients that will support your dog’s health and longevity. These simple ingredients will make it easy to prepare the food for your Rhodesian Ridgeback pet.

For Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Macronutrients: Proteins and Carbs. Fats divided

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Photo by Couleur on Pixabay

It is important to examine the macronutrients of dog food in order to ensure your Rhodesian Ridgeback receives a balanced diet. The Association of American Feed Control Officials has a list of recommended dog food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Here are their recommendations for Rhodesian Ridgeback dog food:

  • Protein: 20-35%

  • Carbohydrates: 25%

  • 10% Fat

Common Health Problems

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Photo by terjeaeriksen on Pixabay

Rhodesian Ridgebacks live a long life expectancy of about ten years. Regular exercise and high-quality dog food with the right macronutrient ratio are all that is required to maintain your Rhodesian Ridgeback’s health. However, there are some health issues to be aware of.

Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia and elbow Dysplasia are two of the most common health problems for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. This is when the bones in the legs become eroded or the joints aren’t aligned properly. This condition can be passed on to a child or it can be caused by injury. If not treated, it can cause arthritis and lead to lameness. Although medication can reduce swelling, in some cases surgery may be necessary.

You can help your dog avoid hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia by feeding them high-quality dog food rich in vitamin D. This will help to balance their body’s phosphorous and calcium levels and maintain their bones health. To avoid excessive growth, Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies should not be fed food that is too high in calories. To alleviate pain and prevent further complications, you can switch to a weight loss program for your Rhodesian Ridgeback dog.


Hypothyroidism, a condition of the thyroid gland that is very common in Rhodesian Ridgebacks, is known as hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland regulates metabolism through the release of hormones. If it malfunctions, how many hormones are released? Low metabolism can lead to overweight in dogs and other health problems.

The treatment typically involves the use of replacement hormones in combination with the best dog food to maintain a healthy Rhodesian Ridgeback’s weight.

Dermoid Sinus

Dermoid sinus occurs in Rhodesian Ridgebacks as a hereditary problem. It develops in the womb during the formation of the spine. The tubular mass that lies below the skin and attaches to the spine doesn’t fall off as easily and will remain in place throughout your puppy’s development. This can cause severe pain and can lead to serious complications for your Rhodesian. It can be treated with surgery but is usually managed by a nurse. If there aren’t any complications, it is often just observed.

Expecting mothers should eat food high in Folic Acid. This is because it reduces the risk of developing Dermoid Sinus.

Recommendations on the Best Dog Food For Rhodesian Ridgebacks

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe High Protein Large Breed Dry Dog Food

blue buffalo wilderness rocky mountain dry dog food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Natural Adult Large Breed Dry Dog food is designed to give your Rhodesian Ridgeback dog at least 30% protein. L-carnitine and high-quality beef and lamb are combined with L-carnitine to maintain healthy body weight. Glucosamine and joint function are supported by chondroitin and glucosamine.

The blend contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that are good for your dog’s skin and coat. It also has a great balance of calcium, phosphorous, and protein to keep your dog’s bones and teeth strong. Taurine, an important amino acid that promotes healthy hearts, is included in the blend. Complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato provide your dog with all the vitamins, minerals, and complex carbohydrates it needs to maintain a strong immune system.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Natural Adult Large Breed Dry Food is an antioxidant-rich food that will give your Rhodesian Ridgeback a healthy, balanced oxidative balance.

2. Taste of Wild Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison High-Protein Real Meat Recipes Dry Dog food

taste of the wild roasted bison and venison dry dog food

The Wild Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison High Protein Meat Recipes Dry Dog food are another great choice for your Rhodesian. High levels of protein and fiber are available in real bison and venison meats combined with complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and peas.

This is the perfect food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. This dry food is high in omega 3 fatty acids to combat heart disease. The proprietary probiotics make it highly digestible, making it a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Taste of the Wild food contains a high amount of nutrients and antioxidants that will help your dog’s immune systems and maintain a healthy coat and skin. Taste of the Wild is free from wheat, corn, and grain. Its ingredients are also sustainably sourced. It tastes great, is easy to digest, and provides all the nutrition your dog needs to live happily.

3. Wellness Core, Large Breed, Gluten-Free, Natural Dry Food

natural dry dog food by wellness core to help with food allergies

Your Rhodesian Ridgeback’s Wellness Core, Large Breed Grain-Free Natural Dry Food is rich in protein to help maintain its lean body mass, and muscle tone. Your Rhodesian Ridgeback’s joints will stay strong and healthy thanks to the grain-free dry food formula. The chicken meal and turkey meals are great sources of chondroitin and glucosamine respectively.

Flaxseed oil and salmon oil are great sources of omega fatty acid for your Rhodesian Ridgeback.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food for Adults, Large Breeds, Weight Management, Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe

hills science diet dry dog food for large breeds

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dogfood, Adult, Large Breed and Light for Weight Management, Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe is a great option if your Rhodesian Ridgeback has been experiencing weight gain. It is low in calories and provides L-carnitine, which can help maintain an ideal weight, mobility, and strengthen the heart.

High-quality protein and natural fibers will help your Ridgeback stay full between meals. The omega fatty acids, Vitamin E and Vitamin E will keep your Ridgeback’s coat and skin healthy. This dog food is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, which will keep your dog healthy and strong throughout their adult lives.


Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe, High Protein is the best dry dog food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. It’s high in quality ingredients such as pure beef and lamb protein, complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, and has been specially formulated to maintain Rhodesian Ridgebacks’ ideal weight and build.

It is not an easy task to be a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog owner. To keep these wild dogs under control, you must be consistent, positive, and firm. If you do your best for them, they will love and care for you ten times more. You’ll be the most satisfied pet parent you know.


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