3 Best French Bulldog Rain Boots You Can Buy In 2021

Looking for the best french bulldog rain boots? in this, we have written a complete review to you 3 best french bulldog rain boots you can get for your frenchie.

As regular readers of this blog, you will know how important it is to keep your Frenchie dry when the rain kicks in. It’s not just the cold snow and ice you should be worried about though; the salt or de-icing chemicals on paths can also burn paws and be toxic.

So, what are the best rain boots for a French Bulldog? Which are the most suitable boot protectors on the market to help with rain and snow? Here’s what I recommend.

Product Recommendation:

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3 Best French Bulldog Rain Boots You Can Buy In 2021

1. French Bulldog Rain Boots Sports Outdoor

best french bulldog rain boots

This is my top recommendation. Whilst they aren’t the most stylish rain boots for a Frenchie, the functionality and quality are the best of the bunch. They have rugged non-slip soles and are easy to pull on and then fasten with Velcro. They are also completely water-resistant, making them ideal for winter ice, rain, and snow.

Shoe Features

  • Brand Name: PETCIRCLE
  • Material: Plastic
  • Set Type: Yes
  • Gender: Pet Boy Girl Applicable
  • Breed: French Bulldog Teddy DachshundDog
  • Breed 2: Chihuahua Bichon Yorkshire Pug
  • Color: Coffee Pink Red Dog Shoes

If you do decide to buy these shoes, the most likely size you should choose will be size 2 or 3. But don’t guess; they have a sizing chart image that shows you how to measure your Frenchie’s paws before ordering.

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2. Outdoor Waterproof Dog Shoes For French Bulldog

best french bulldog rain boots

High quality of materials.

On a rainy day, Pets walking on wooden floors, decks and beaches can wear this foot cover to prevent wetting or heat insulation or prevent bacteria and other purposes

This shoe cover will keep your feet clean and is effective.

Non-slip design will keep them safe walking on wet ground.


Made of soft material, it will not discomfort your pets.

Highly recommended by American veterinarians and professional beauticians.

Waterproof, not easy to drop off.

Great gift for your pets.

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best french bulldog rain boots

3. Cute french bulldog rain boots

best french bulldog rain boots

If you want something that offers more of a fashion statement and are warmer than the previous selection, then these Ugg boot style ones are just the ticket. Again, they make use of Velcro fasteners, have a gripped rubber sole, but are lined with insulating materials to guard against the cold.

Of all my recommended best winter boots for French Bulldogs, these are probably the easiest to put on. The back of the boot comes apart to let you get the paws in easily.


Safe and durable products for your pet

The cute boots is protective rain shoes for your lovely dog, which is made of durable and flexible rubber material.

Fashion candy color design, highlight your pet greatly

Easy and comfortable to wear with the magic tape

Anti-skip bump design at the bottom of the pet shoes

Waterproof, perfectly dress up for rainy days

Clean and wash it with ease

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Size Measurement Of Dog Shoe

follow the instructions on the image below

best french bulldog rain boots

Do French Bulldogs need rain boots?

This is open to debate as most of the time, your Frenchie will be able to regulate his temperature himself.

However, it’s not just about how cold things get, it’s also about protecting your Frenchie’s paws from other aspects too like rain; here are my top reasons to opt for rain paw protection.

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Reasons to buy rain boots for your Frenchie

  • Can protect Frenchies with sensitive paws.
  • Can help protect against frostbite.
  • Can help protect against toxic de-icing agents.
  • Can help prevent salt getting into their paws which they could lick off.
  • Can help protect against waters.
  • Can help your Frenchie grip snow and ice better.

Tips for rain paw protection

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your Frenchie is going to love wearing his winter boots. Most dogs will take a little while to get used to them.

Imagine you’re a dog and you’ve been used to walking around on your paws all your life. To suddenly have a pair of boots put on you is going to be very weird.

1. Introduce him to the boot and try just one at first

Your Frenchie is going to wonder what this new thing is; take one of the winter boots and place it down so he can have a good sniff and get used to it first. Once he’s given the winter boot a good inspection, reward him with a treat.

Next, rub the boot or shoe gently on one of his paws. If he’s ok with this, he gets another treat.

Once you’ve past this hurdle, it’s time to try and put a winter boot on one of your French Bulldog’s paws. Just like you do with your own shoes, loosen the boot first making it wider, then slip it over his paw.

As soon as you’ve done this, give him a treat again and act very excited with plenty of praise. This should reinforce to your Frenchie that he’s done a good thing letting you put a shoe on his paw / foot.

You should also treat him when you take the winter boot off so that he gets used to you putting them on and taking them off with no problems.

Repeat the process, using positive reinforcement and treats each time. Don’t overdo it though; both you and him will get bored otherwise.

2. Repeat the first day with sniffing, boot on, and treating

You want to keep going so that your Frenchie becomes completely at ease with the winter boots.

To do so simply repeat the first day’s training with the showing of the shoe, the sniffing, putting on, treat, taking off, treat process.


3. Use two shoes and keep them on to see what response you get

On the third day you’re taking things to the next level to see how your Frenchie responds to wearing his winter boots.

Using the same method as before, this time use two shoes on the front paws, but leave them on to see what response you get when your Frenchie starts walking.

I recommend leaving them on for no more than 45 seconds and offering him a lot of praise when you then take them off (with the treat of course).

4. Repeat the two-shoe process on the front paws

As with day 3, do exactly the same process again with his front paws. This day is all about repetition and getting your Frenchie accustomed to having the boots on.

If you can, see if you extend the amount of time he wears the winter boots out to a couple of minutes.

Put all 4 winter boots on him

This is the big day.

Lay all 4 boots on the floor and let your French Bulldog sniff around them. Once he’s sniffed them, put them on the front paws and then move to the rear.

With every boot you put on, go big on the positive reinforcement and treats each time.

The key to this training is to only treat when you get the response you want from your Frenchie. If he refuses to have a shoe put on, he gets no treat.

If your dog does get scared, don’t react badly. This will only exacerbate the fear and will set you back.

If the training has worked, walk him around the house. Try to encourage him to follow you by treating him until you get to the point where it’s no longer an issue.

And do the same once you get outside and he walks in winter boots in a real-world environment.

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