Why Does My Dog Bite My Ears? Reasons & Solutions Needed

Why Does My Dog Bite My Ears?

Why Does My Dog Bite My Ears? You may be surprised at the behaviours of your dog. Using the floor to sleep or nipping at your ears can cause you to scratch your head. Although it may seem strange to you, your furry friend will understand. It can sometimes be frustrating, fun, or just plain odd. So why does my dog nibble at my ears?

You may notice your dog nibbling at your ears. This could be because he is playful, loving the taste, grooming you, or simply showing affection. You may also notice that your dog is comfortable around you.

Here are six possible causes.

Why does my dog nibble my ears​​​​?

Being Playful

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Your dog might be playing with your ears if she licks them or nibbles on your ears. This behavior is more common in puppies than it is in adult dogs. This is why puppies love to fight and softly bite each other.

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You should be extra cautious if you have an adult dog. These playful nibblings could cause injury. Her behavior may unintentionally hurt you. We will discuss this later.

She’s a Puppy

Your pooch is still a puppy, and like the previous reason, they continue to explore and investigate new things. During the teething period, puppies will likely eat to ease discomfort. It is best to stop this behavior from getting out of control.

Why Does My Dog Bite My Ears?

Loves the Taste

You could love how your dog tastes. You might have just finished working out, and Maya happens to be right by your ears and begins nibbling and licking. Our skin produces oil and salty sweat. Although it might sound disgusting, many dogs love our salty taste.

They may be grooming your body to remove salty tastes. Dogs clean themselves by licking their skin, and because you are her favourite hooman, she believes it is part of her job.

You are needed for something.

You could be getting a nibble from your furball to let you know that she needs something. You might be right next to her ears. She might be hungry or need to go potty. You can expect adorable puppy-dog eyes, light whimpering, and a refusal to comply with her request.


Dogs can smell and taste everything to investigate and inspect it. Did you apply any cream or face lotion around your ears recently? Maya may know if you have and will nibble on your ears and smell it to find out.

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The reason could be that your dog is showing affection to you. To show her appreciation, she will nibble on your ears. She is comfortable around you, and she decides to give warm slobbery kisses and nip to your ears.

Do You Allow this Behavior?

While nibbling is generally harmless, it is best not to encourage this behavior. Even if your dog isn’t trying to cause harm, she could accidentally hurt you with her teeth if they are not dealt with. Poor impulse training can lead to dogs not knowing how their playful nibbles could cause pain. Worse, your dog may be unable to recognize that children or the elderly living in the house have weaker skin than you. Here are some ways to discourage this behavior.

How to Discourage Dogs from Biting

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You can train your dog to stop nipping at your ears. However, it is best to avoid getting physical. This could lead to aggressive behavior. Do the following:

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Chew Toys If your puppy is still young enough to chew, you might consider buying her chew toys. You can see she’s still in her teething phase. This means that she is licking at her gums. It would help if you got your dog different chew toys to keep him interested.

Be firm: Telling your dog “No” or “Ouch!” with a strong tone will alert her that she is trying to hurt you. You would notice her stop this behaviour.

Positive Reinforcement Give your furball praises and treats when she shows restraint. She will eventually stop nibbling after she is trained.

Last Thoughts On Why Does My Dog Bite My Ears?

As no two dogs are the same, there is no one reason why your dog is nipping at your ears. You can give your dog a few doggy kisses if the behaviour doesn’t bother you or isn’t recurring. Most likely, your dog is showing you affection. You can try the above tips if you are worried about your dog’s behaviour. You know your dog best, so offer lots of love to any behaviour you wish to correct.

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